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Magdalena Świeboda

We provide all notarial services, along with free consultations. We will advise you on how to ensure the safety of your property, e.g. when concluding contracts of sale, donation, life annuity, exchange, how to best regulate property relations in a marriage, or go through inheritance procedures.

We will explain to you the consequences of all possible legal solutions, we will also indicate notarial services that can be performed in a notary’s office, avoiding court proceedings, while saving time and money.

About the office

Magdalena Świeboda was appointed a notary public by the Minister of Justice in 2022, however she started her adventure with notaries much earlier. From 2014, she have gained experience in one of the notary’s offices in Lublin. From 2017, she worked as a notary trainee, and after passing the exam in 2020, until becoming a notary public, as a deputy notary.

As a notary public, she tries to learn about the needs of clients, whom she helps in using the best solutions for them, which is why she values constant cooperation. He has extensive experience in notary activities related to the purchase and sale of real estate, in the field of inheritance law, establishing separate ownership of premises, as well as handling commercial companies. Clients appreciate her accuracy, diligence, meticulousness and speed in conducting activities. She is an open and helpful person.

Notariusz Lublin

Scope of notarial services

As of  the Act on the Law of  Notary (14th February 1991), a notary public is a person of public trust and is called upon to perform activities which the parties are obliged to, or wish to, form a notary acts, where such are an official document.

We do the following:

  • preparation of notarial deeds documenting, among others:
    • preliminary contracts
    • development contracts
    • sales contracts
    • ownership transfer agreements
    • swap agreements
    • donation agreements
    • life contract
    • inheritance division agreements
    • abolition of joint ownership
    • agreements on division of joint property
    • wills
    • matrimonial property agreements
    • declaration of submission to enforcement
    • declarations of inheritance rejection
    • establishment of a mortgage
    • establishment of easement
    • contracts and statutes of companies
    • by-laws of investment funds
    • powers of attorney
  • preparing acts of succession certification
  • issuing of certificates:
    • signature authenticity
    • compliance of the excerpt, extract or copy with the document presented
    • date of document submission
    • the person being alive or in a certain place
    • maintains a register of shareholders of a simple joint-stock company
  • writing protocols
  • making protests of bills of exchange and checks
  • accepting money, securities, documents for safekeeping
  • preparing extracts, copies of documents
  • preparation, at the request of the parties, of draft acts, statements and other documents
  • preparing other activities resulting from separate regulations

All information regarding notarial services and the documents needed are provided free of charge at the office, by phone and by e-mail.

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You can also make an appointment by phone.


For notarial services, the notary receives remuneration in accordance with the Ordinance of the Minister of Justice (28th June 2004) on the maximum notarial fees, increased by VAT, current rate 23%.

A notary, in addition to the notarial fees, collects additional taxes and fees on behalf of the Polish State, and then transfers them to the appropriate institutions. These are: tax on civil law transactions (PCC), inheritance and donation tax (SD) and court fees.

In order to determine the amount of all fees for a given notarial service, please contact us at our office, by phone or via e-mail.

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In front of the building there is a large car park with a wayin from Krańcowa, behind the bus stop. In the parking lot, after collecting the ticket, the first hour is free.

Office hours from Monday to Friday. 8:00 – 16:00.

It is possible to arrange services not in the office hours or on Saturdays, after prior appointment. In special cases, we can perform notarial services out of our office.


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